Word provides a variety of functions to format the document. To making the right look, you can use keyboard shortcuts , toolbar commands can also be used for this purpose styles . The document can be formatted on five different levels: level symbols; paragraph level ; division level ; level pages ; the document level . To format the text, it should already be selected , or the formatting must be set prior to entering text. Format a paragraph or section , you can simply position the cursor anywhere in the paragraph or section. The entire document is formatted by appropriate formatting options in the dialog box " Page Setup ." formatting characters The main parameters of the formatting characters are: font face , size , font , spacing, and position of the characters . Many of the most frequently used formatting functions available on the toolbar "Format ." Dwell on the description of the panel buttons will not. Intuitively think of their appointment ( along with tooltips ) is understandable. Let me just say a few words about fonts . There are two basic types of fonts : serif fonts and chopped . Serif fonts are at the ends of lines . In sans-serif no dashes . Usually serif fonts are used for the decoration of the main text of the document , and chopped - in the headlines. Although the panel "Format " and made the most frequently used formatting features , but sometimes the functionality of the panel is not enough . In this case it is necessary to use a dialog box "Font" ( The " Format " - " Font" ) . In this case, the following window appears with three tabs : "Font" , "Time ", " Animation